Multitasking: the Awful Truth (MUST READ)

Multitasking: the Awful Truth (MUST READ)

How on Earth does your wife get so much done? A research study from the University of Glasgow said that women tend to be better multitaskers than men.

According to their findings, guys reacted slower than ladies when they had to manage several challenges at once. But it’s also important to note that both sexes saw a considerable slowdown, which suggests tackling multiple tasks can be tough for everyone.

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And it’s true. Multitasking is a quick way to do a sub-par job on many items at once. Instead of juggling your workload, the key is to eliminate distractions from your workday. Here’s how:

1. Give your day’s schedule an overhaul
Most people check their email first thing in the morning. Or get online in general just to have 20 windows open before breakfast. Instead, use the first hour of the day for tasks that require unbroken concentration. Try cooking yourself breakfast and reading the news on your favorite reader app before opening your social media account or email.

2. Turn off your phone’s notifications
Five deadlines to meet by noon? Make it easier on yourself by cutting out unnecessary time-sucks like Google Talk and Facebook Messenger. Instant messaging programs are the worst distraction. In fact, even a 2.8-second moment of distraction can lead to mistakes, according to a new study from Michigan State University. You can even adjust your phone notifications to only alert you of messages from important people like your boss.

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3. Find silence
Shut your office door, move to the conference room, or wear headphones to tune out the office gossip. You don’t have to be a total hermit. Just post a friendly sign on your door that says “On Deadline”, then remove it when you’re ready to hear the world again. People are hugely influenced by their surroundings and cutting out distraction is the name of the game to getting work done.

4. Plan for tomorrow
Every night, write down the main goals you need to complete the following day. Break down complex tasks into manageable parts, so you know specifically what you need to do for each one, and how to prioritize each portion. To keep track of it all, Google Calendar Tasks and Evernote are handy web apps for you to use. It’s a simple cloud-based solution to keep track of your to-do list, whether you’re at work or out and about.

5. Get Regular Exercise
While many people are plagued with decreased motivation, the solution to your hectic day is easier than you think. Testosterone is naturally produced by the body whenever it performs an intense workout. That feeling that working out on a regular schedule is tough is a good thing! This boost of testosterone, if regular, will help increase overall levels, improving energy, mood, and ensuring your successful day.

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