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1*2bettingtips.com – A Rich Single mummy Tinashe is searching for a cheerful gentleman who loves children and is family-oriented to be her partner.

This is the message Mummy Tinashe sent us…

My name is Tinashe, a hardworking entrepreneur who owns and manages her own beauty and hair salon. I eat a lot, smile a lot, talk a lot, play a lot, laugh a lot, and gossip a lot. I am a simple, intelligent, smart, cheerful, funny, and jovial person who has been taken advantage of severely because of my naive nature.

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I easily believe in people and that has caused me so many heartbreaks and betrayal from people I thought would never let me down or leave my side in this lifetime. Mummy Tinashe says she’s a calm, loyal, easy-going, and understanding person.

1*2bettingtips.com said Mummy Tinashe’s hobbies are taking care of her baby and pet, gisting, singing, dancing, cooking, watching movies, and exercising daily. She would love to meet an adventurous and kind-hearted person who knows how to be happy and make others happy as well.

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She wants to be connected to a gentle, loyal, tolerant, understanding, and caring young man with a good sense of humor and taste. Mummy Tinashe wants someone she can easily relate with and understand.

She is ready to sponsor your education to any level, buy you any house of your choice, a brand new car, and a personal driver with a monthly allowance of $500, provided you are always there to satisfy her whenever she needs you.

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