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I hope You are seeing how Young Marriages are crashing these days?

As a man, if You discipline Your self from discussing Your wife with Your friends, parents, inlaws, brothers, sisters, professional colleagues, and immature pastors and priests especially her area of weaknesses and shortcomings You have successfully solved greater percentages of Your marital trouble. The same thing is applicable to women and wives.

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No good friend in a bad Marriage can give You a bit of balanced advice for a successful marriage. “It is difficult for a sugar seller to market honey and sugar cane successfully at the same time”

Get Dating Sites UK Most marital problems are from outsiders.

If You are mature for marriage not just maturity in age, look, or size You should know that the only thing an outsider should know about Your partner is his/her strength (Good aspect) while weaknesses and shortcomings are left for both of You to resolve.

If partners can’t resolve their weaknesses and shortcomings privately, then they can hardly raise a Child successfully.

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