All You Need To Know As Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Are you intending to go into a serious relationship as a matured man we have some piece of advice for you, This is all that you need to know as a boyfriend and girlfriend?

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The choice is yours after this short advice to you, for you not to put the blame on anybody for not telling you all this on time.

As a grown-up guy or a girl before going into a relationship, you should know what mom worth in your life. Because your mummy has been the one taking care of you for the rest of your time and she brest feed you and take care of you till you grew up.

Never you for once town back at the mummy because you will hot your self at the end, in anything you do remember mummy most especially her prayers matter as a son or daughter.



Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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Dear Young men and future parents, which one do You hear more between “BABY I LOVE THE GIFT and GOD BLESS YOU, MY SON?
If Your mother is still alive and You are told BABY I LOVE THE GIFT more than GOD BLESS YOU, MY SON, then You will continue to struggle between an average life and near poverty.
Your mother’s prayer is more important than 15 minutes of kissing and 15 minutes of Ejaculation.

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Your sweet mummy remains your lover forever for the fact she is the one that gets birth to you and trains you from day one to you got the stage of looking up to any girl you happens to love, Mummy is the best lover you get have to be frank then Boyfriend and Girlfriend follow.

The choice is yours you can drop your comments below if the advice is useful to you… Thanks and God bless you.

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