Sister of Satan and Daughters of Zion -Dating

Are you a man looking up to any girl that you like or love, you need this story about Sisters of Satan and Daughters of Zion.


THE GIRLS: The ones that a man will beat, harass, injure and batter, and later buy ice cream or shawarma for, and in turn take her on marathon sex most times without protection. Finally, he gives her a transport fare.

That girl will never share her bitter experience with anyone rather she will tell her friends how strong “her guy” the same guy is in bed and how he showers her with a gift. She will never mention the beating and abuse side of the relationship until the day she is defaced, disfigured, or nearly killed.

Sisters of Satan and Daughters of Zion – This category of a female can travel to any part of the world to see a strange man courtesy of Facebook messenger chats.
They are experts in taking risks, lying to their parents, and professionals in risky abortions.

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THE LADIES: This one knows that the relationship is not one-sided, they are romantic like the serpent both in words and in late-night actions, yet they know when a man is crossing his boundary. You dare not go into their Honeywell without condoms. Shout on them unnecessarily or beat them once and the relationship will be dead Like NLC Currently in Nigeria.
They are usually working-class or job hunting but independent-minded and ready for marriage.
The lesson to men, they can kill You before You kill them but they are ready-made homemakers if You handle them well.

THE WOMEN: Usually married like mothers, elder Sisters, aunties, etc.
I won’t go deep on this because it is still noon.

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